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Rios Brick Pavers LLC is a locally owned and operated company serving the Seattle Metro Area. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we are a premier installer and designer of paving stones and retaining walls for commercial and residential projects.

Our staff is fully trained in craftsmanship and we offer ongoing training to ensure our expertise in this fast growing industry. We only offer the best products available. We are committed to offering the highest quality standards in the industry.

Being an industry leader, you can always expect top quality service from Rios Brick Pavers LLC. We are proud to provide top tier customer care for each and every valued client. With free estimates and an extensive inventory of cutting edge paving products, we have built loyalty among our customers through reliable craftsmanship.

For a FREE consultation, call us today at (425) 891-4685 and one of our associates will be happy to assist you. You can also request a free quote using our online form.


Nothing compliments your home's architecture and grounds like the classic elegance of brick. Nothing holds up to Washington's temperatures like brick. Brick provides beauty and flexibility matched by no other form of paving since the Romans made roads out of stone. Dry-set interlocking brick paving provides decades of maintenance-free service while retaining its appearance through freeze-thaw cycles and road salt applications without cracking, chipping or permanent discoloration. These properties allow us to offer the longest guarantee in the paving industry.

Each Rios Brick Pavers installation is custom tailored to the look and feel of your property. As one of the pioneers in the use of this remarkable process, we are experts in making patios, walkways, driveways, and entrances an asset to every home we work on, and the envy of the neighbors. As a proven resale incentive, your brick paving investment will pay dividends when the time comes to sell your home. Available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns, your Rios Brick Paver installation will be unique to your home, accenting the natural lines and shapes of your property.

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Rios Brick Pavers LLC understands how important timely mobilization and execution is to the time schedule of commercial projects. We are always ready with equipment and personnel to complete your job on time!

We have installed a large number of segmented and precast pavement systems as well as commercial retaining wall systems. From plastic gridlock for fire lanes- to retaining walls as small as Garden Walls- to large scale Sienna Stone retaining wall systems, we use only the best products in the industry. These products have been tested and proven to last longer than your building will.

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Retaining walls are the elegant and affordable way to hide imperfections in a yard. If your front yard has a heavy slope down to the street, a retaining wall can hide it.

If you have a mud pit in your back yard when it rains heavy, a retaining wall can be built to hide this and create a raised garden.

Retaining walls also accent paver walkway's for a full elegant stone appearance.

If your entry way steps don't match, we can create steps using the retaining design that will match or accent your new walkway, driveway, patio, or wall system. Replace those old, faded, wood or concrete patio steps with a retaining wall step system. You'll never have to stain or replace them ever again.

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Curbstones will add an attractive look to your yard or driveway. They will provide a clear definition of your drive areas with style. Curbstones can also be used as small retaining walls. As an example, a flower bed can be elevated to add a more three dimensional look to your landscaping.

The practical function of curbstones is also appealing. Unlike concrete poured curbing, in the event of damage, individual stones can be easily and inexpensively replaced. Concrete curbs would require substantial demo and form work to rebuild even a small damage area.

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Bricks come in a large variety of textures, sizes, colors & color mixes. The bricks can be set into numerous patterns (e.g. herringbone, standard, basket weave). Centerpieces can also be set into wide walks or patios (please see the example in the Photo Gallery).

Because of the wide variety of brick choices, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your options. As a rule of thumb, the more curves and cuts a walkway or patio has, the more beautiful it will look.

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Stone steps are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Sawed stone is just that; a rectangular shaped stone that is sawed on the top and bottom. The sides (faces) of sawed steps have a rough texture. Sawed steps are often used for front walks, high traffic areas and more formal secondary paths.

Split steps are stones that are hydraulically split into rectangular shapes. Because the stone is split instead of sawed, it retains a rough "natural" appearance on each surface. These steps are typically found in semi-formal settings (e.g. front walks on log homes, garden paths, stairways to the lake).

Quarry steps are simply large pieces of random stone set into the ground. Although the walking surface is relatively flat (similar to the split steps), the top view is irregular. Quarry steps are best used in small numbers or individually. They are typically used in informal settings.

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Your pool area can be greatly accented by adding stylish brick pavers. Many times there will be enough room in these areas for custom patterns. This will allow you to create a custom setting of your choice, truly personalizing your pool area to fit your tastes.

Summer always finds your pool and its surroundings to be one of the most used sections of your outdoor area. Why not create a setting your friends and family will enjoy every season?



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